finds on Friday #1


This post is the launch of a new project I am starting here on the blog. I am calling it “finds on Friday”. On Fridays I will share links to various things that have grabbed my attention during the week. I will divide the items I share into two sections: photography and non-photography. My hope is that you will find the odd gem for yourself amongst the things I find thought provoking, or amusing.

I offer you the following “finds on Friday”…


1. Sally Mann interview

2. The Big Picture – Looking Skyward

3. At Joe McNally’s seminar in Calgary last week there was a table in the lobby with books for sale. I picked up Jay Maisel’s book It’s Not About The F-Stop, flipped to a random place in the book, read a paragraph and immediately reached for my wallet. I definitely suggest adding this book to your photography library. I will suggest other books in future finds on Friday posts. Stay tuned.

4. Viewing Earth From Above

5.  Prisoners gain new focus though pinhole photography



1. The disease of being busy

2. Charlie Rose – Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates discuss philanthropy and their work with The Giving Pledge.

3. Bloom County is back

4. Funny meme about Keith Richards   

The Occasional Moooooo

The night before visiting Mt. Sunday (the set location of Edoras for you Lord of the Rings fans… images will be shared soon) I camped at Mount Somers. That evening I drove to Hakatere Junction and I saw that the local farmers were conducting a controlled burn. The smoke combined with the evening fog made for a peaceful atmosphere. The silence of the scene was only interrupted by the occasional “moooooo”.

Ashburton Gorge Road, New Zealand




Dunedin, New Zealand

_PC10124-Edit© Peter Carroll

When in Dunedin, my family and I stayed at a lovely little hotel just a stone’s throw away from this spot. It’s a pretty good deal when you can quietly grab your gear, walk two minutes to a scene like this, photograph first light of a new day as you listen to waves breaking on the beach and then get back and have breakfast with the family. Dunedin is on the doorstep of the Otago Peninsula which is not to be missed if you are on the east coast of the South Island.


This is the first image in a whole series of work which I’ll be sharing in the weeks ahead of my adventures on the South Island of New Zealand.

_PC11530-Edit-3© Peter Carroll

Of the 25 countries I have visited in my travels over the years, New Zealand is the country where I felt most at home outside of Canada. I absolutely loved it! Like Canada, New Zealand is a land of varied landscape and dramatic geological features but unlike my home it’s all in a small package. I can’t wait to say, “Kia ora New Zealand.” someday again.



When in New Zealand my family and I visited Hobbiton! The original set for LOTR was torn down after shooting of the trilogy but when it came time to shoot The Hobbit, the farmer who owns the property had a win/win offer. He allowed The Hobbit to be filmed in the same location but he made a deal with the studio that the set would be a permanent construction and tours would be run after shooting was complete. It was a “license to print your own money” type of idea.If you are a fan of Middle-earth and find yourself in New Zealand should you go?…YES! The Shire doesn’t only exist on the pages of Tolkien’s LOTR. The magic of the shire comes to life on picturesque farmland outside of Matamata on the North Island.

_6100609-Edit© Peter Carroll

The Great Barrier Reef


My daughter and I snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. What am amazing experience! We saw hundreds of fish species and such a variety of coral. The two of us had such a fun time snorkeling around the boat that we signed up for a guided snorkel adventure farther out at the edge of the reef and there we saw a shark and a sea turtle!! It’s a wild and wonderful world this little blue sphere we live on.