Whatever Makes You Nervous

A couple of weeks ago, Chase Jarvis posted some words of wisdom on his blog which were a reminder, especially in this the season of giving, that sometimes the best gifts come in small packages. The post was short and sweet. The point was you’ve got to push your comfort level to grow. We humans naturally gravitate towards the safe. Less chance to fail or get hurt on the road to been there, done that. Of course always screaming down new highways at 200 mph with your hair on fire isn’t the way to go either. Growth comes from pushing your comfort level not continually throwing caution to the wind. It’s important to remember that comfort level is an individual thing. We all start at different points and move at different speeds based on our life experiences to date. The shared aim is to keep moving forward. Chase chose a picture of a cockpit to accompany his post. For some, the idea of piloting an aircraft would be terrifying. Given my life experience to date of flying jets and helicopters in the Air Force, that image represents my comfort zone. I’m not a fan of speaking in public so the photo below of a mic looking out on an audience would definitely make me nervous. To each their own.

I’ll end this post with Chase’s Michael Jordan story…

Whenever Michael Jordan gets on the golf course and his friends ask the stakes of the game–how much money they’re betting against one another–rumor has it that his stock response is: “Whatever makes you nervous.”

That’s what you should bet on yourself, every time. Not what makes you comfortable, but what makes you nervous.”

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