My Favourite 11 of 2011

Here are my favourite 11 of my own work from 2011. Personal favourites of one’s own work are always tainted by the stories behind the images. You the viewer judge the images on only what you see and that’s really how images should be judged but I like looking back over the year and remembering all the stories that went into the recent additions to my body of work.

Here’s to a creative 2012 for all of us!

Cheers and see you on the other side of the New Year.


All images are protected by copyright, no use of any image shall be granted without the written permission from Peter Carroll.

9 thoughts on “My Favourite 11 of 2011

  1. Peter Carroll Post author

    Thanks Sam. When I look back on 2011 two things pop out to me. One is I shot more people and travel shots than any year previous. The other is I shot in concentrated batches. In 2012 I want to shoot more people/travel images and I hope the Arizona trip will be a good start down that road. The other thing I hope to do in 2012 is shoot more consistently. I’m always telling my kids that you can’t get better at something by thinking about it. You have to do it – make mistakes, learn from them and apply the knowledge gained to the next attempt. I’ve got to practice what I preach more. I’ve got plans for a 52 project in hope that it will push me to shoot more consistently.

    I like where yourself and Darwin are taking your lives, your photography and your business. I think 2012 will be a big year for you two. I look forward to following oopoomoo (*.

    *Shameless plug for my friends Sam and Darwin

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