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Lighting Diagram Creator

David Hobby over at Strobist World Headquarters posted a link today I thought readers of this blog might enjoy. Quoc Huy Nguyen Dinh has developed an online lighting diagram creator. Check it out at www.lightingdiagrams.com. I’m partial to the quick sketch on a napkin over beers after a shoot myself but it’s nice to know where to go if you have to pretty things up for any reason.

Subtle Light

Chase Jarvis posted a great article on his blog the other day about subtle light It’s a study in the approach of “less is sometimes more”. The bigger lesson really is the appropriate light for the occasion. I really like the way Chase communicates what’s behind the creation of an image. He sets the scene telling you what environment he found himself in and what equipment he had to work with. He describes a shoot the way I imagine he works out all the issues himself on site. He even throws in an iPhone pic and a lighting diagram. Gotta love it.


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